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"Jesus on the Cross

feels the whole weight of the evil, 

and with the force of  God 's Love

He conquers itHe defeats it with

His Resurrection.

Dear friends,

we can all conquer the evil

that is in us and in the world,

with Christ,

with the strength force of good!"


- Pope Francis-

Our Community

Our Community

Ave Maria!


"Oh! I would like to sing, Mary, why I Love You,

Why your sweet name thrills my heart....

And to go on saying that I am your child!"


St. Therese of the Child Jesus

"If you are happy, look upon your

Risen Lord,

and the very thought of how

He rose from the sepulchre

will gladden you.

How bright and how beautiful

was He then!

How majestic! How victorious!

How joyful! 

He was like one emerging

from a battle in which

He had gained a great kingdom,

all of which He desires you to have 

and with it Himself."


St. Teresa of Jesus

(Way of Perfection 26.4)

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With Cardinal Anders Arborelius
With Cardinal Anders Arborelius

Our Carmelite Cardinal Anders Arborelius from Sweden.

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Love never fails!
Love never fails!

All leaves had fallen and gone but one... a red heart one! (The only leaf on a tree in front of our Monastery.)

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