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"All must be friends, all must love one another, 
all must be cherished, and all must help one another."


 St. Teresa

Community Life


In accordance with a concept nurtured by
St. Teresa herself, each Carmel is limited

to 21 members.  At the present,

there are 15 professed Sisters.

 We live together in a lifestyle

which is that of a small family, and help one another toward sanctity.  It is a life where joys and sorrows are shared and the members are committed to one another 

as sisters for their entire lives.

Our love for one another is in

imitation of Christ, who gave His life

for us all.  This mutual love is a proof

of the authenticity of their life of prayer.



Manual Labor


The packaging of hosts for distribution to parishes throughout the area is our main work; however, we attend to as much of the general maintenance of the Carmel

as is possible: cooking, sewing, cleaning, taking care of nuns who are ill. 

Gardening, painting, minor repair work

are also done, when possible. 



There are two one-hour recreation periods during which the Sisters talk,
laugh, and enjoy sharing the daily events of their lives.  They also read, knit, crochet, do needle point, embroider,

sew and other quiet pastimes.


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