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June  7    Bl. Anne of Saint Bartholomew, Virgin


      Ana Garcia was born at Almendral, Castille, in 1549.  In 1572 she made her profession as a Carmelite in the hands of St. Teresa, at St. Joseph's, Avila. 

     The saint later chose her as her companion and nurse and she subsequently brought the Teresian spirit to France and Belgium, where she proved herself, like Teresa, a daughter of the Church in her great zeal for the salvation of souls. She died at Antwerp in 1626.

"  Our Lord became a spring for us, so that we should not die of thirst

among all the miseries that surround us.  

How truly he said in the Gospel that he came to serve and not to be served!  

What tremendous goodness!  Can we fail to be shamed by your words and deeds, 

 and the patience you show with us every day?  How truly, again Lord, did you say,

'Learn from me for I am meek and humble of heart.'

Where can we obtain this patience and humbleness of heart?

Is there any way to achieve it except by taking it from Christ as he taught it to us 

with those other virtues we need, faith, hope and charity?  

Without faith, we cannot follow that royal road of the divine mysteries.  

It is faith that opens our eyes and make us see the truth;

and where faith is wanting, there is no light, and no way leading to goodness.


From the Meditations on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Bl. Anne of St. Bartholomew

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