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September 1     St. Teresa Margaret, Virgin


Teresa Margaret was born in Arezzo in Tuscany in 1747 of the noble Redi family, and entered the Discalced Carmelites in Florence on September 1, 1764. 


She was given a special contemplative experience concerning the words of Saint John,

"God is love."   She felt deeply that her vocation was to live a hidden life of love

and self-immolation. 


That vocation was confirmed by her heroic exercise of fraternal charity, but was soon completed.  She died in 1770, aged twenty-three.

September 12    Bl. Mary of Jesus, Virgin



 Born in 1560 at Tartanedo (Spain), she took the Discalced Carmelite habit at Toledo in 1577  and made her profession the following year. 


She spent the rest of her life serving God in that Carmel, except for a brief period in 1585 when she helped with a foundation at Cuerva. 


She died at Toledo on September 13, 1640. St. Teresa of Jesus thought extremely highly of her. 


 She was a great contemplative, intensely devoted to our Lord, and often drawing inspiration from the liturgy.

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